Kilchoman Machir Bay 2013 Edition Review

If you’re wondering why the name Kilchoman Machir Bay sounds so familiar it might be because I covered it a while ago. So why am I covering it again? Because friends and neighbors that was the 2012 edition and this right here is the 2013 edition which is every bit as tasty as it’s older brother.

Pronounced mack-hear this whisky, like many Scotches, gets made from commercial malt from Port Ellen maltings. Though unlike many malts this one uses the exact same spec as Ardbeg. Each batch of Machir Bay is batch vatted (blended) using 30-40 casks of whisky which spent 8 weeks in sherry casks to give it a punch of sweetness before being vatted.

Overall I enjoy this whisky immensely. The combination of fruit, malt, peat, vanilla and honey make this a truly tremendous whisky that is 100% deserving of all the praise it’s received recently. I enjoyed it immensely and not that it truly matters, but I don’t think I would rate the 2013 Machir Bay any higher than I did the 2012 (94). Other than some light salty notes in the 2013 there isn’t a huge difference difference between the the two vintages and in the end both are equally delicious.

Kilchoman Machir Bay 2013 Edition Review

ABV: 46%
Price: $55
Distiller: Kilchoman

Pale honey

Crisp and full it has a truly wonderful aroma of pears, honey, malt, apples and vanilla frosting. Floral notes swim around with some caramel and a light peat that seems to fade in and out a bit.

The peat may fade in and out a bit on the nose, but it’s right upfront on the palate and accompanied by some malt, vanilla, orchard fruit and ‘Nilla wafers. Laying under these layers are notes of salt and soft grains.

Like all Kilchoman’s it has a great feel to it that is only enhanced by the fantastic balance in aroma and flavor.

Malt, peat, vanilla, citrus, ash and brine all hang out for quite a long time.

SCORE: NA – Had this at a Kilchoman hosted SoCal Whiskey Club tasting and didn’t get to spend enough time to feel confident in a rating

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