Kilchoman Single Sherry Cask Review

The full name of this whisky is the Kilchoman Impex Cask Evolution Single Sherry Cask, but that’s just too damn long so I’m just calling it the Kilchoman Single Sherry Cask whisky. Looking through my notes this is the 5th single sherry cask Kilchoman I’ve had and it hits about middle of the pack. Yes you read that right, a 92 hits the middle of the pack with the best scoring 95 and the lowest scoring a 90.

In K&L’s Words: Kilchoman Single Sherry Cask

“During its maturation, the whisky has taken on the rich Oloroso sherry color and character held within the cask. This intense spicy influence fuses beautifully with the peat smoke and citrus power of Kilchoman to create a truly unique sherry cask matured Islay Scotch Whisky.”

These Kilchoman Single Sherry Cask releases are simply magnificent. They’re bold and carry that amazing peat n’ sweet character I love to get lost in. The only thing I could really ask for is a touch of sulfur. I know I’m not alone, but definitely in the minority of people who like a bit of sulfur in their whisky. I think it adds a nice dimension so long as it’s not too much.

Kilchoman Single Sherry Cask Info

Region: Islay, Scotland

Distiller: Kilchoman
Mashbill: 100% Malted Barley
Cask: ex-Bourbon ex-Pedro Ximenez
Age: 4 Years
ABV: 58.7%

Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Price: $140

Kilchoman Single Sherry Cask Review

Drying blood

Sherry bomb! Heavy wave of sherry, peat, dark fruit, spice, hazelnuts, pepper and a light bit of minerality, citrus and earthiness.

Dense delicious layers of sherry, smoked meat, cinnamon, nuts, dark fruit, marzipan, pepper and a bit of coca and earth.

Long winding fade of peat, sherry, cocoa, nuts, malty sweetness and a touch of char.

Great balance, full body and a thick syrupy feel.

This Kilchoman Single Sherry Cask is great; nothing not to like here. It’s a solid whisky from first sweet-n’-peat sniff to the fading embers of the peat-n’-sweet finish. It’s a decadent and bold whisky that goes from great to GREAT with a splash of water and bit of air to let it open and develop. It’s a dynamic whiskies that you can keep playing with and find new aspects as you go through it.

Water enhances notes of cocoa which pair nicely with rising notes of smoked meat and savory herbs. Think along the lines of a Summer Savory or Herbs de Provance blend, or even a nice pesto for the type of savory herbal nature that starts to drift through with a bit of H2O. This Kilchoman Single Sherry Cask is a whisky that drinks like a complex meal.

SCORE: 92/100 (A-)

Kilchoman Single Sherry Cask Label

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