Helloooo to all my readers, followers, bartenders and friends!

How are you doing? I hope very well and willing to mix & shake your life a bit!

Yes, its been "A WHILE" since my last post.... well, for all the ones who didnt know it, I moved to Montréal 2 months ago,,, Ive been homeless (under a roof but not home per se) for more than a month.. but now I am finally set up to start a new life and keep posting for my loyal audience, Bien sûr!

Since #DrinkeWire has been sending me some reminders that I have been disappeared from the Artistic environment, I decided to get back my Bartending blog by posting for the Valentine's roundup!. #vday2014
Oh yeah Love is in the air? For some #Not

It took me more than a week to figure out what drink to create, the concept, the name, and yada yada yada.... 'till finally, by listening one of my recent fave songs I came up with the name of the drink /cocktail... and as the title of this post says: "Kiss Me Hard bf U go" (did you guess to what song this line belongs?)..... Voilá! thats the name... Many drinks/cocktails/ meals/desserts under Valentine's tags are created specially for couples, but what about the single ladies and gentlemen?

Soooo this drink that I created goes to all those who will not spend this Valentine's with a "significant other".... for whatever reason you are single... this drink goes to you! For being brave enough to resist a break up, brave at letting somebody go and for letting the time do its job.... For being mature enough to recognize somebody is not made for you, even it hurts.... and for you who was dumped sometime and were able to move, or still working to move on.... Most of times "THAT last kiss" is unforgettable so lets make it last for ever...... what about that?

The "Kiss Me Hard bf U go" is innovative in so many ways, and its not because i made it [necessarily ;)] its actually because I had to make many variations before I considered it was fair, and fortunately approved by the testers :D !

1. The glass: Its not a rock glass, nor a shooter glass, its something in between.... but it contains 2 oz of alcohol plus some splashes and floating garnishes.
2. Its chilled but its not a martini! and You'll have to add some ice cubes anyway... to slower the "getting yourself drunk" process....
3. It looks so innocent and girly maybe? but trust me its powerful.. with just one glass of it, you'll probably feel the effect of 2 shots bottomed up in a row ... at least...
4. The preparation: I had to play about 3 times with the order of the liquor and liqueurs, until finally I got it!

So here it goes!

1. Moscato (Make sure is chilled enough) : Il Vino dell' Amore. It could work with any prosecco as well, its only that as Im working on a Valentine's drink, I chose something related to love... lol :)
2. Triple sec
3. Aperol
4. Orangerine juice: Orange & Tangerine mix
5. Grenadine
6. Strawberries
7. Ice

1. Chill the glass (any medium size glass 4- 5 oz capacity)
2. in a mini mixer (improvise whatever you have nearby) add 1/2 oz of triple sec and 1/2 oz of aperol
3. Shake shake shake!! the ingredients of step 2.
4. Add 2 small ice cubes in the glass and pour the shaken liqueurs of the step 2.
5. Add 1 oz of Moscato
6. 1 splash of the Orangerine juice
7. Float with granadine, (anyway it will go to the bottom since the glass is not filled up with ice)
8. Add the garnishes: strawberry thin slices that will look like similar to a heart shape. I used 4 in order to cover the ice cubes.
9. Let the starwberries to do their job: let them stand for 5 minutes aprox (optional) on the drink, this definitely will add a characteristic flavor to the drink.
10. Now time to enjoy!!

Its is easy to do! its only that there are 10 steps because i had to detail well how I reached a good, tasty, powerful and sexy drink.
Maybe guys will be more confortable without the strawberries... its up to you!

Well hope you like it! Im posting some pictures for you to see and identify the unintended layers that this drink displays .... and also some of my girly decoration lol!
Promise next time Ill creeate something for the most "Machos"

See you soon! plz spread the word Im back!

"Honey, I'm on fire, I feel it everywhere.....Nothing scares me anymore.... (8)"....