I don’t cook that often to be honest with you. Living in a small New York City apartment I really don’t have much of a kitchen and besides we have so many great restaurants here! I’m extremely lucky to work at one of them. I’m the head bartender and bar manager at Nur which is a highly rated Modern Middle Eastern restaurant

One of the dishes that we are known for is our Kubaneh bread.

Nur is partnered with Breads Bakery and we get the fresh baked bread delivered to us daily. Kubaneh is a Yemenite bread that is a cross between brioche and challah. Rich, savory and buttery. Perfect for French Toast! One of the dishes that I can cook in my tiny kitchen! Or I should say one of the dishes that I actually can cook!

I love to add different liquor to my french toast and I almost always add vanilla as well. Parce Rum is the perfect rum for my dish. It’s delicious,rich flavor blends in perfectly with the butteriness of the kubaneh and the sweetness of vanilla. I als saute some walnuts and macadamia nuts in butter and maple syrup to top it off. “Parce” is casual for good friends. So invite some good friends over for a chat and make them some of my Kubaneh Vanilla Rum French Toast. They’ll like it so much that maybe next time they’ll bring over some booze to cook with for the next gathering! Cheers and enjoy!

Kubaneh Vanilla Rum French Toast Recipe

1 loaf of Kubaneh Bread

4 eggs

4 oz Vanilla Almond Milk

1 oz Vanilla Extract

2 oz Parce 8 Year Old Rum

6 oz Maple Syrup

I cup macadamia and walnuts

1/2 stick of butter

Slice bread into thick pieces. Set aside

Melt half the amount of butter in a frying pan.

In a bowl combine all ingredients except, maple syrup, nuts and butter, whisk thoroughly.

Dip sliced bread into bowl and lightly fry .

Take slices out and dip again and then fry till golden brown.

Remove french toast and then add remaining butter, macadamia nuts and syrup,

Saute nut mixture on low flame

Pour over french toast