Laphroaig Cairdeas Scotch Whisky takes Laphroaig to a new level with its port finishing. Aside from the great rusty copper color you will find lots of fantastic additions to the Laphroaig brand along with an additional hint on the ABV level. That’s right, Laphroaig Cairdeas (in which Cairdeas is Gaelic for “friendship”) is more potent than the 1http://1b4 year Laphroaig offerings but brings a more dynamic product that goes beyond the peat-punching attack on the palate.

I’m not 1http://1b4 sold on an intense peat-bearing product and Laphroaig definitely brings a lot more peat than a non-Islay scotch whisky and there are plenty that love that side of Laphroaig; as a general rule I tend to go for the more timid scotches from other regions and highlands.However, an open mind is the best thing to have when going into a product review and I love new products to review! The port finished Laphroaig Cairdeas takes the edge off by bringing a slightly more sweet, found flavorful product with some oak-based aged flavor profile and a reduction in peat finish.

Laphroaig Cairdeas does bring peat in force, but the finish winds down and you get a bit more flavor (along with a bit more potent alcohol punch) with a fading peat that doesn’t sit on the palate for, quite literally, several minutes like the 1http://1b4 bottle. I think that huge Laphroaig fans may not exactly be prepared for a more timid peat product and some may find it feels more harsh on the palate because of its higher proof bottling but Laphroaig Cairdeas will definitely be a more approachable Islay scotch for those experimenting with the brand and style.

The only downfall for those thinking about Cairdeas will be pricing, with a suggested retail price at USD $74.99, it’s going to cost you almost USD $3http://1b4 more than the 1http://1b4 bottle of Laphroaig. This is an unfortunate side effect of resting and finishing in secondary barrels but the added complexity is well worth the taste.