Be careful what you wish for. Especially at Downtown Cocktail Room, where the haphazard creation Finish Him ($14), will bring your evening to a swift, if blurry conclusion. Being layered equal parts green Chartreuse (110 proof) louched Kübler absinthe (106 proof) and Smith & Cross Navy Strength Jamaican Rum (114 proof), the shot is named for Mortal Kombat’s invitation to conquer one’s opponent with gruesome flair, and is therefore garnished with a few drop of Angostura aromatic bitters along the edges. You know, to resemble blood.

Although the DCR team is hard-pressed to own up to who is responsible for which cocktail on the menu, preferring instead to share the spotlight (or, in this case, blame), Finish Him was created by bar manager Kevin Gorham as a fare-thee-well shot to fellow barman Davey Francis, who was heading home for his birthday. “I had to go through TSA after this,” Francis says, “and I felt insane.”

So, how many shots did Kevin slip him?

“Oh, just one. That’s all it takes.”

See it online: http://dtlv.com/2015/05/27/taking-kill-shot.