Unbelievable Whiskey Gifts. $60,000 Water and $3000 Ice Cubes

Let me be the first to do it, a Gift Guide for Billionaires. I’ve been informed by Clyde that many of my most loyal readers are Billionaires (for those of you late to my party remember for almost the last time that Clyde’s a figment of my imagination, my Harry the Rabbit). I wish Bill Gates or Elon Musk could finish up that damn Time Machine as I really want some Lawrenceburg Pappy, AH Hirsch, and BMH among other things so until then here goes.

Ice and Water


The Japanese Ice Ball Maker for around $1500-$3000

The idea is you take a large block of ice that gets pressed by gravity and melted as the copper absorbs the cold. An almost perfect, low oxygen ice sphere. Spheres melt very slow so its a great way to enjoy some bourbon as it slowly dilutes. Cask strength is an especially cool way to do this. Yes, there are much cheaper versions.

Just Water

While Clyde prefers the Water out of the spigot right out of the trailer parks faucet I prefer these choices


Bling H2O at $50

A high-end brand of bottled water, created by Hollywood writer-producer Kevin G. Boyd. The brand uses frosted bottles decorated with Swarovski crystals. The water in the bottle comes from a Tennessee spring.

Bling H2O was initially introduced to some athletes and actors, and has since gone on public sale. Bling H2O has been featured at the MTV Video Music Awards and The Emmys. Jewel encrusted bottle versions have gone for the 10’s of thousands of $$.


Uisge Source Water Of Scotland

Although sold in 10cl bottles this works out to about $48 for a 750 ml bottle. Three different sources to match the chemical makeup of the Whisky/region. Highland is hardwater best for Bourbon/rye FYI.

There is also iceberg water but Clyde says volcanos thousands of years ago polluted the ice.

Paolo di Verachi / Fernando Altamirano Water


$275-$36,000 Per Bottle




A $60,000 shot of Macallan 64 years old single malt.

This whiskey is being served at the Montage Beverly Hills, a lavish hotel situated in Golden Triangle near Rodeo Drive.



Most expensive bourbon is relative. Pre prohibition can reach into several thousands. AH Hirsch 18 and 19 year Wax top which many think only 16 and 20 exist. Van Winkle Cask Decanter, Very Very Old Fitzgerald are all $2000-$5000 depending on who and when. The now retired Stitzel Weller distilled Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Old is going for upwards of $4000 in some places for a bottle.

The new Michters “Celebration” 20-30 year for $5000-$6000 absolutely wins the “kick me in the balls I’m an ass with too much money award” as that’s a release price and the far far superior Michters 25 Bourbon released two years ago WAS $300-$400. This has gold writing and a cool box. I guess there’re Celebrating that anyone buying one has to be a complete idiot that burns money for fun.

Consider dropping $1,500 on Macallan’s The Flask. The scotch is 22 years old and aged in oak sherry casks, with a great citrusy, spicy, nonpeaty taste. The real bang for the buck here, however, is the Oakley-designed flask that comes with each of The Flask’s 400 bottles. What could be so special about a flask? Well, how about laser-welded food-grade steel, carbon fiber composite wrapping, a double-sprung cap and a rubberized nonskid bottom? Huh? That’s what it says.



If you just want the Flask its only $900 and made by Oakley.