For the past few years, the G&T has been poised to be Paris’ next go to drink (like the Aperol Spritz). As more gincentric bars appear on the scene, drinkers search for something simple enough to order most anywhere but still sophisticated and refreshing, and certain marketing forces are at work, the Gin To’ keeps getting more and more play. And the city’s latest location to get your gin tonic fix? Le Carmen. Le Carmen bar and club has been working on their range of infused gins, a collaboration between Michael Frojman (owner), Nicolas Blscak (Head Barman) et Mira Harit (sales manager), since 2015. There are some 40 references that line the shelves behind the bar, a technicolor lab experiment, including choices like cardamom or rose infused gin. The base in which the ingredients are cold infused for a few hours to a few weeks (depending on the ingredient) is a juniper-forward gin made in cognac. Though they don’t wish to disclose the name of the distiller, there are only a few in the area making gin, so it wouldn’t be hard to guess who’s handling their production… While the gins can be sipped over ice, they recommend them in a [...]