When I began blogging rum, I made more than one trip to various liquor stores and distributors. Prichards was available at Binny's so I purchased a bottle and did a tasting early on in my blog. That was a memorable event and Prichards remains on my favorite list. 

At the Chicago Indie Spirits Expo, we sampled many rums and found quality tasting all around. While my focus was US made Rums, we also tasted some imports -- we will look at those later as well. Prichards, starting in '97 (the Rum was first made in 95 on Prichards stove!) has grown quite a bit. In the video we taste Fine Aged and their Cranberry Rum. You have to watch and join in the moment as we enjoy. I have to say our camera man (Jim) had as much fun as I did and the video is really a good discussion of good rum.


Let's let them speak to us here:

When you taste Prichard's Fine Rum or our premium whiskey, you'll immediately be able to distinguish our product from the large batch, mass produced products that line the store shelves. Prichard's Distillery hand crafts their American distilled spirits in small batches. Our quality rums and whiskeys are distilled in copper pots and stored in 15 gallon white oak barrels to allow for the best possible flavor. 

That pretty much says it all! 
Their Fine Aged Rum is truly a great sipping Rum -- Don't pass this one by if you are looking for a soothing, complex sip. In their words:
Prichard’s Fine Aged Rum  (80 Proof)
Gold Medallion, International Cane Spirits Festival, 2006 & 2007


Prichard’s Fine Rum is an accurate recreation of the ancient rum of an older time. We use the finest water in Tennessee and premium table grade molasses to create our rum which is then aged three to five years in hand-made charred white oak casks until it acquires the barrel notes of the finest spirits. In an age of assembly line production and an exodus of job opportunities to overseas manufacturing, the words “hand crafted” and “American made” seem to have little relevance in today’s liquor industry. Prichard’s Fine Rum is the first authentic American Rum to be distilled in the United States since the early days of America’s history 

The Cranberry Rum is perfect for the holiday season - don't be shy - great for mixing (Distilled for that use) but also good as an aperitif or  after dinner sipper over a nice chunk of ice. So new, there is little info on their page -- so you HAVE to watch the video to find out and watch us enjoy...

For this visit -- I am Outta Here --- Till next time!