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Thanks to Melissa Tavss, founder of Tipsy Scoop, we can now eat, and drink, our feelings. Yep. She created a booze-infused ice cream shop.

Unlike many boozy ice cream flavors, we're talking serious quantities of alcohol here. According to Tavss, each flavor has 5 percent alcohol by volume, but still tastes like sweet, creamy ice cream.

And she knows what she’s talking about. Her Italian ancestors brought ice cream to Scotland, and her great-grandfather became president of the Ice Cream Alliance of Great Britain. (Didn’t know that was a thing either, but it seems legit.) Anywho, after learning about her ice cream-making heritage, she decided to use her knowledge from her wine and spirits marketing job to create awesome boozy flavors, and eventually, Tipsy Scoop. Since then, the brand has pretty much blown up. Everyone from The New York Times to Nick Lachey is talking about her flavors.

The best part? Tipsy Scoop’s ice creams, cakes, sandwiches and sorbets can be delivered nationwide so you don’t have to make a special trip to New York to get sloshed via slush.

Here are just some of her creamy cocktail creations, but you can see all her flavors right here.

  • Irish Coffee: Coffee ice cream spiked with Irish whiskey and coffee liqueur.
  • The Boiler Maker: Chocolate ice cream with Guinness Irish Stout and whiskey.
  • Maple Back Bourbon: Maple ice cream with bacon and infused with bourbon.
  • Hot Buttered Rum: Vanilla ice cream with cinnamon and ginger, spiked with rum.

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