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Lime Sherbet Mojito Float

I hinted at this Lime Sherbet Mojito Float a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to make it again for the blog ever since. It seems it’s been forever since I actually made and posted a cocktail for Friday Cocktails and I could wait on this one until the end of the coming week but we loved it so much, why should you have wait; you’re going to want one of these NOW!

I’ve long been a fan of sherbet in almost any flavor but I think lime must be my favorite. Which is probably why it’s so hard to find. I can find containers of orange, raspberry, mango and even pomegranate but no lime to be found. I made homemade lime sherbet last year that was absolutely fantastic but I wanted this cocktail YESTERDAY so I finally located one of those containers that had three flavors. Now it has two. We scraped the lime section clean!

Lime Sherbet Float with Strawberries and Prosecco from @creativculinary

I suppose I’ll have to come up with something novel in order to use that orange and raspberry sherbet. Seems I do love sherbet cocktails; here’s a Lime Sherbet Float with Strawberries and Prosecco that I made two years ago and also thought was out of this world. So much sherbet, so little time.

I debated whether I should post this today or simply be prepared in advance for the coming Friday but seriously…that would be almost a week without knowing how fantastic sherbet is in a summer cocktail. I normally make and photograph cocktails for my Friday post several days in advance but you know I’m still struggling to get one done on time when I don’t make it until Saturday and post it on Sunday, right? Having new sod laid AND having a new deck built and dealing with a nest of baby birds all at the same time has been both wonderful and a pain in the you know what.

My yard has needed to have the sod replaced for 3 years so when the builder finally acquiesced and agreed to what I’ve known all along (the clay underneath was never prepped), I took advantage of the offer even if June is a bit hot for new sod. As a result, it needed to be babied and required daily hand watering of some spots. That on top of my regular hand watering of maybe too many pots of flowers, herbs and tomatoes adds up to a significant time allotment. I sort of love watering…but right now I’m sort of over that. Come on rain…do your thing!

Baby Bird on 1st flight

I did hire someone to build the deck but since it was a neighbor I did a lot of the sub work; it seems I was heading to the hardware store at least once a day for some piece of wood or a box of nails or keeping him hydrated; it was HOT out there! But I love it so much; we built on top of a concrete patio and step and then expanded it; all one level, no more steps. HEAVEN!

Added to that we had bird drama. A nest of baby birds hatched about 2 weeks ago and required daily cleanup and careful consideration of them during the time they were growing so quickly.

We halted production on the deck about a week ago…the nest was sitting on top of an outdoor blind I have and I was starting to get a bit worried that our activity, which was driving the parents nuts, would possibly affect them as they started to get to the point that they would be leaving the nest.

The photo isn’t the best but I took it through my screen door to avoid scaring him off prematurely. This is the last of the bunch…maybe a bit afraid to leave the coziness of home just yet, it took it’s first flight to this small table on my deck…rested for about 15 minutes and then finally took off. I’m both sad to see them go and elated! My outdoor blind can be used again; it’s a necessity this time of year to keep the sun out of my kitchen in the late afternoon…that sheet I had taped to my glass door was not quit as effective or attractive!

Lime Sherbet Mojito Float

So this Lime Sherbet Mojito Float could be a celebration of sorts. The grass still needs me but seems to finally be taking hold. The deck is almost there and we’ll finish it up next weekend; just in time for my new furniture. The birds are gone and I’m imagining them flying free but with fond memories of a shaded sanctuary during their most vulnerable time. Me? I just wanted to sit outside in the cool of the night air and enjoy sipping this fun concoction. And fun it is. I love summer cocktails that combine the best of summer, some great ingredients and a certain frivolity. Combining lime, mint, rum, lime sherbet and club soda tickles all three of those fancies and my friends LOVED this. Guy friends too…no sexist cocktails here!

Lime Sherbet Mojito Float

Serves One Serving adjust servings


  • 1 slice lime
  • 1-2 sprigs fresh mint
  • 1 Tbsp granulated or Demerara Sugar
  • 2 oz white rum
  • 2 oz club soda, chilled (I used Perrier’s Lime Club Soda)
  • 2 scoops lime sherbet


Put the lime, mint and sugar in the bottom of a chilled highball glass. Muddle them together. Add the rum and club soda and stir to combine.

Top with scoop of lime sherbet and serve with a straw.

by Creative Culinary


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