Long Road Distillers in Grand Rapids, Michigan has quickly become a serious contender in premium spirits. I have been a fan of the Bartender’s Blend Gin for a while, and simply cannot lay down enough superlatives on the multiple award winning Michigin.

I had read about LRD's Aquavit in our local alternative press in Grand Rapids, and was very curious to try something new and mysterious. Aquavit is a neutral spirit, with a dryness and a heat to it that is similar to rum. The caraway used to flavor Long Road Distillers Aquavit is surprisingly delightful. It immediately calls to mind a high quality rye bread that can be found only at the best independent bakeries.


Dill, star anise, and fennel also lend some sweetness, and a little bitterness in the flavor profile, though these are less forward than the caraway in the tasting. They are noticeable in the “licorice” notes apparent in the nose, as well in the taste.

Cumin is also listed as a component of the flavoring of Aquavit on LRD’s website. This is most noticeable in the smell of the liquor, which manifests in a very mild, yet pleasant aroma that invokes comparisons to the body found in premium tequilas.

After sampling a few pours of Aquavit straight, I tried it as a Moscow Mule, utilizing a favorite ginger beer from a local source. The ginger and sugar blend well with Aquavit's flavor profile,. The added effervescence from the carbonation went a long way in making for one of the best mules i can recall consuming.

Aquavit is a very interesting and enigmatic spirit. At first taste/smell it is a very simple and straight forward spirit, but its underlying sensory appeal has a wild variety and complexity of subtle tastes and smells that defy categorizing Aquavit conveniently or quickly.

Pick up 2 bottles as soon as possible. One for yourself to indulge in, and one to impress your friends.