First let me say - Chicago Independent Spirits Expo (CISE) was a great time, and a time to enjoy, taste and discuss the process with some fantastic Distillers out there! We had a great time - Thank You to the Organizers and Tailwinds Distillers who made it possible for us to get and and cover this event. We videoed some wonderful stuff and will present that here over the next few blogs. We will try to feature each separately - to give them a great spotlight.

That said... Early word from the editing Department says we may be missing some video that we thought we shot.... WHAT!?!?! I will try to feature the Distiller(s) with my reminiscence when their turn comes.

Further, we had a controversy about American Made Rums. Yes we specialize in said rums and try to feature them here. We also visited some GREAT rums from outside the US and will feature our visits here too. The decision has been made to just not include them in our directory - although links (as always) will be in the individual post.
OK Disclaimers, apologies, rules, restrictions etc aside let's gather around the monitor and look in on Lyons Distilling Co....

As a way of introduction - Jamie and Ben were great to meet and talk to, knowledgeable, fun, and curious. Let's say when you hear "We just like making stuff," and "Booze trajectory" in a conversation you know you have Distillers who are in this to follow their passion and, have invited us along! Oh and guys, sorry we never made it back to you -- could you let us know what the "secret surprise" was/is??)....

Keep stopping by as we will discuss and show more videos in the next few coming days...
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