MacCutcheon 60 Appearance in "Once Upon a Time"

From Scotch Cinema on Jan 24, 2013

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I bet you never thought you'd see this again.  Or maybe you did.  The 60 year old single malt known as MacCutcheon first appeared in an episode of Lost.  Actually, it appeared SEVEN times throughout the series. Click here to see every MacCutcheon sighting from Lost and here for an awesome appearance from Fringe.

During the first MacCutcheon appearance in Lost, a character mentions that one swallow is worth "more than you could make in a month". I guess the two ladies in this video must be either very wealthy or very careless.

The clip is from the sixth episode of season one entitled "The Shepherd".  Big shout out to my lovely fiance Lorraine for finding this sighting for me. Thanks for looking out for me, baby!  I swear I don't watch the show.

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