Whether you’re a Cheermeister or a Grinch, there’s something inspirational about the holiday season that rolls around every calendar year end. You might be inspired to fill the hearts and homes of your loved ones with the Christmas spirit. Or, you might be inspired to be intoxicated.

This time of year is especially festive when there’s a higher percentage of alcohol in the holiday punch bowl. But while the holidays are known for their festivities, they’re also known for inducing copious amounts of stress that can drive anyone to partake in the holiday festivities a little too much. Which is to say that during the holidays, many hangovers loom in the future.

While you’re considering what to serve at your next holiday soiree, keep in mind those who may be avoiding the holiday hangover (the alcoholic variety, not an emotional holiday hangover). For whatever reason, there may be holiday attendees who can’t, don’t, or won’t be drinking such as your pregnant sister, a detoxing relative, or underage celebrators.

Sounds like a pain to put down the wine bottle for a month, especially after holiday stress - but dry January is another reason to try your hand at some holiday drinks sans-alcohol.

If you’re someone who drinks only when the weather is just right or occasionally, you might not notice a health benefit from this. But if you’re someone who drinks a few nights a week or throws a few back a little more than that, Dry January might have some health benefits for you. Or your wallet - spending money on alcohol can add up.

Cutting out alcohol from your diet for a month means you’ll be consuming less calories. Besides, the carbonation in many drinks adds to bloating, making you feel just dandy. By dandy, it’s implied you’ll feel awful, desperate to unbutton the top of your jeans kind of bloated. All in all, you know there are a lot of health benefits.

If you aren’t drinking this holiday season for whatever the reason, giving up alcohol doesn’t mean you have to hibernate throughout the holidays. You don’t have to give up the fun or flavor during your festivities - especially if you try one of these four mocktails.


There’s something incredibly festive about the Harry Potter movies. Should your Christmas binge-watching take a wizardly turn, Butterbeer is a fantastic drink to serve. Why? Because it’s a fit for those who are drinking and those who aren’t.

With a bit of cinnamon, buttercream, and butterscotch (homemade, of course) you can serve up a delicious Butterbeer. Add in the butterscotch schnapps, if you like!

Make butterbeer.

Love, Actually Holiday Punch

Another very festive movie, Love, Actually Holiday Punch is a drink that will warm you up inside out - whether or not it’s spiked with scotch or rum. Bartenders will say that citrus and sweet are two flavors that compliment one another, so you can make this punch to taste.

This is a phenomenal recipe from Paula L.

Santa’s Helper

This is a fun recipe that can swing both ways. Simply swap out seltzer water for champagne, and you’ll be the hit of the holiday happenings.

Make Santa’s Helper.

Cold Cure

After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, many people find themselves coming down with a cold. Though very delicious, this mocktail won’t cure your cold, but it’ll at least warm you up and soothe your throat with the homemade honey-ginger syrup you’ll be sipping.

Make a cold cure.

Try one of these mocktails - then eat, drink, and be merry.