With the series now underway, we’re happy to introduce you to our favorite October pastime: The World Series Drinking Game. (It works equally well for division playoffs, or basically any baseball game.)

Step 1: Pick a team. Don’t worry, you’ll be drinking either way.

Step 2: Pay attention. Drink only when the following cues are triggered by your team:

When your team is at bat:

  • Drink every time a batter reaches a new base
  • Drink for every run scored
  • Drink if the defense commits an error
  • Finish your drink for a home run

When your team is in the field:

  • Drink for every out
  • Drink for every walk
  • Drink for every strikeout
  • Drink for a pitching change
  • Take two drinks if a runner is thrown out at the plate
  • Take two drinks for a double play


  • Finish your drink if your team wins on a walk off
  • Finish your drink if a player from your team gets ejected
  • Finish every drink in the room if your team wins the World Series

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