The floats have already been rolling through Bourbon Street as New Orleans gears up for the mass of celebrations for Fat Tuesday. Denver is not far behind in celebration activity, and six bars have created Mardi Gras cocktails inspired by the culturally boozy libations that the Big Easy is known for.

These cocktails aren’t your roustabout over-sweetened, plastic cup tourist attractions

From Hurricanes to Hand Grenades, this installment of Angelshare Mardi Gras cocktails are not your roustabout over-sweetened, plastic cup tourist attractions. Each of the six drinks are meticulously crafted with Colorado spirits, fresh juices, hard shakes, and all for just five bucks. Before stowing away your favorite vices for Lent, make sure these Colorado Mardi Gras cocktails are in nearest your future. Fat Tuesday is coming up quick (March 4)  and an Angelshare adventure might be the best reason to throw some beads around our necks and lift our shirts.

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