Margarita Watermelon from @creativculinary

Something old is new again! Yes, I’m reposting a dish that I first shared a couple of years ago; it’s been that kind of week! Launching a new blog design doesn’t stop at the blog; there are a bazillion places I have to update images on social media. A bazillion I tell ya! Still, I really wanted to share this again after having it the other night when I reminded myself of how much I love preparing watermelon like this. If you’re a new reader or if you’re not and either forgot it or never saw it I have to tell you, this Margarita Watermelon is SO good. Sort of a reverse cocktail. The fruit is not pulverized and combined with other cocktail ingredients, no…it’s left whole and infused with them.

Almost to a person when I mention Margarita Watermelon I hear, ‘You mean a watermelon margarita?’ I love those too (see below) but this is something more unique and so special. I like to serve it as a dessert for a summer barbecue. It’s light and refreshing but definitely has a bit of a kick. Just watch the kids; they need their own separate melon!

Margarita Watermelon from @creativculinary

I’ve had this watermelon treat on my blog for a very long time; it’s one of those I brought over from my first website and it has been buried deep in the archives with no photo and has remained pretty much invisible to any food blog reader’s eye. Without a photo it was not quite so loveable. When I realized that The Food Network weekly event was watermelon and I had an adorable little, sweet, baby watermelon on the counter that I had just picked up at a Farmer’s Market, how could I not make it the star? It helped that this was simply the best watermelon I’ve had in a long time…look at that color!

I just love this grown-up version of a favorite summer fruit with margarita fixings though my mantra remains the same – use the same quality ingredients that are in the margaritas I love. As always, use Reposado Tequila and Orange Liqueur in the mix to infuse the watermelon slices. Equally if not even more important as good booze? Get a great watermelon. They should be coming into markets now and have a rich, red fruit and be so sweet.

Margarita Watermelon from @creativculinary

The longer the watermelon soaks, the more flavorful it becomes. I don’t waste that liquid either…it gets poured over the slices in the bowl before they are finished with lime juice and salt. Be sure there are napkins or bibs available. I know your guests are going to do what we did…oh yes we did slurp that stuff out of the bowl! No? Really…you wouldn’t? Don’t be fibbing to me and don’t miss doing it; it might be the BEST part!

I love using watermelon in cocktails and I’ve included a couple others you might enjoy. Both the Watermelon Martini and the Watermelon Margarita are wonderful additions to your cocktail lineup. I say ‘try them all!’

OK, here is the real Watermelon Margarita!

Watermelon Margarita from @creativculinary

Last but not least, the lovely Watermelon Martini.

Watermelon Martini from @creativculinary

Did you know tomorrow is National Tequila Day? Be sure to join me for Friday Cocktails when I will post my absolute favorite margarita ever!

Margarita Watermelon


Prep time

10 mins

10 mins

A fun alternative to an actual cocktail; watermelon slices are stepped in a mixture of tequila, sugar and orange liqueur and served plated.

Serves 4-6

  • 1-inch-thick wedges of seedless baby watermelon; I cut mine into 16 small wedges
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ¾ cup water
  • ½ cup tequila
  • ¼ cup orange liqueur
  • 2 limes, cut into fourths
  • Course or sea salt (I love the look of Maldon Flaked Sea Salt)
  1. Bring sugar and water just to a boil and cook just until sugar is dissolved; about 1 minute. Remove from heat and pour sugar syrup into a glass container.
  2. Add the tequila and orange liqueur and let cool slightly.
  3. Arrange the watermelon slices in a single layer in two large baking dishes.
  4. Pour the simple syrup over the watermelon slices and refrigerate until cold; at least 1 hour.
  5. Flip the watermelon over every 30 minutes.
  6. Remove the watermelon from the syrup, and either arrange for serving from a platter or on single serving plates. Squeeze fresh lime juice over the melon and lightly sprinkle with the salt..


food network logoJoin my friends as we celebrate the best of summer with The Food Network and their #SummerSoiree. Each week a group of us will share a favorite dish using the theme of the week. This week it’s all about Watermelon. Perfect timing too because now is when local melons should be coming into market all juicy and sweet. I could seriously eat them with every meal! Be sure to check out the wonderful assortment of watermelon favorites from my friends!

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