One of the final drawers in the Apothecary Chest is the mysterious box known as “Abracadabra”. Without giving too much away I’ll just say that you’ll need to do a little magic to make this box reveal its secrets. We’ll toast the Abracadabra box with a magical cocktail full of sparkle and mischief. Created by New York mixologist Tom Macy, the “Magic Hour” is a magically modified mimosa in disguise. This is not your ordinary brunch cocktail. Tom Macy is the creator of socialhourcocktails.com, a hands on resource for aspiring culinary cocktail makers everywhere, and the head bartender at Clover Club, a Brooklyn landmark. In the Magic Hour, he exchanges the classic orange juice for grapefruit, adds depth with the aperitif Lillet Rose (I used Cocchi Americano Rosa which was also wonderful), and finally stirs things up even further with a little Yellow Chartreuse. The result is a delicious grapefruit twist on the classic which might just make you believe in magic.


Magic Hour by Tom Macy

1 ½ oz Lillet Rose

½ oz fresh grapefruit

¼ oz simple syrup

1 tsp Yellow Chartreuse

Sparkling wine

Shake all ingredients except sparkling wine together with ice and strain into a flute. Add sparkles on top and garnish with some magic.


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