Image: Andrew Pite - Broken Shed Vodka

I met Andrew Pite at an event I had organized last year. He was handing out samples of his premium Broken Shed Vodka. I was struck with how pure and elegant it was - served simply over ice, with a slice of citrus. Producing a delicious, creamy aftertaste and no burn. We have kept in touch, and I knew he would be a great person to profile. Based in Westport, Connecticut - I asked Andy what's in store for Broken Shed Vodka.

What does 2016 hold for you?

"I am going to be attending lots of local charity fundraiser events. We have The Palace Theatre (Stamford) Gala in March, the Hamden Hall charity golf tournament, the Amity Club of the New Haven area Charity golf tournament. Planned but not confirmed as yet TheKnot.com with Marcia Selden catering on The Today Show. We are looking to maximize awareness and effectively create publicity".

What Question Triggers Your Stink Eye?

"Not so much a question but rather a statement... 'All vodkas are the same'. We have created a 'sell' sheet which explains this is simply not the case".

Any 2016 Trends?

"A trend that I see, which piggybacks on the craft beer excitement, is that people are very interested in unique, craft spirits. I think that individuals are very open and interested in knowing how their brands are made, sourced, what additives they contain. I enjoy Broken Shed Vodka (BSV) as simple as possible. BSV does not need to be 'buried' with mixers and sugars. A splash of lemon or limeade. A dash of brine for a 'clean' dirty martini. And finally, great in a Bloody Mary as BSV, being so smooth on the back, one is able to enjoy the spices and heat of the Bloody Mary mix".

Broken Shed New Zealand Vodka has been distilled from whey. It contains no sugar or chemical additives and is gluten free. Made up of 60% water from the Southern Alps and 40% spirit - this premium vodka is worth every dime.