If there's one thing that I wish my mom would've taught me growing up, it'd be that wine is secretly grape juice in disguise and that it's friendly to us all and an enemy to no one. Given that it's now fall and no longer summer, it's now time to swap out rosé for some red wine. With the help of Winc's Pacificana Chardonnay, here's what I'll be consuming and hoarding for the rest of fall and well into winter.


Photo courtesy of Winc

Winc's Pacificana Chardonnay is 100% barrel fermented and retails for $14 per 750ml bottle and comes in a crazy chic yet aesthetically pleasing bottle, which is all anyone could really ask for when the main content of the bottle consists of wine. Suggested pairings include, but aren't limited to, veggies (aka something that I avoid religiously), chicken, and pasta featuring cream sauce. If you're wondering, the actual wine itself has tasting notes that are oaky, buttery, and fruity; so in short, it's a triple threat. The best part in regards to Winc's Pacificana Chardonnay is that Winc has teamed up with 1% For The Planet, which in short for you, the consumer means that 1% of all Pacificana sales will go towards saving the environment from further erosion. Major score.... for you, of course.

Now that you'll be saving the environment and your soul from further disruption of scheduled events, you can now drink up all while being classy, and if that's not something that we all low-key want down on the inside, then what are we doing with ourselves?