Milford's 10 Years Review

Milford’s 10 Years is a New Zealand single malt created by the storied Willowbrook who has put out some seriously good whisky. Though as you can see by the score above this is not one of those. It’s the first one of their expressions I’ve come across that I’m not thrilled with.

In Willowbank’s Words: Milford’s 10 Years

“A product of the matchless New Zealand environment, and of years of dedicated, skilful, patient toil, Milford is a single malt whisky of superb quality and unique heritage.
Created in the splendid, remote South Island, among the echoes and reflections of the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles, Milford began with the endeavour of earlier generations of settlers to recreate the flavours, memories and experiences of their distant homeland. They achieved something even more nw. Even more unlversel. Miiford Is one of the world’s great single malts.
It will, we are sure, reward you as it has the palates of some of the world’s most discriminating tasters and enthusiasts.”

The distillery was shut down a while ago and the Milford line was discontinued in 2012 so the bottles you might come across come from a silent distillery bottled under a line that was cut 5 years ago. In essence, while the Milford’s 10 Years obviously isn’t that great, it’s something you won’t be able to easily get again should you come across it so it’s worth a taste despite what I say in the Milford’s 10 Years review below; it’s all education!

Milford’s 10 Years Info

Region: New Zealand

Distiller: Willowbank Distillery
Mashbill: 100% Malted Barley
Cask: ex-Broubon
Age: 10 Years
ABV: 43%

Price: $50

Milford’s 10 Years Review


Comes across as a young craft malt that’s heavy on the fresh oak, raw grain, spirity vanilla, hay-like malt, apples and pine. A touch of spice hangs in the back, but not enough to make it interesting.

Tastes like a barnyard smells, it’s farmy AF with the hay-like malt. Layers of fresh oak, raw grain, spirity vanilla, overripe apples, honey and a slight herbal spice. Meh.

Medium crawl of hay, young oak, raw grain and honey.

Not balanced, light body and light – almost watery – feel.

The Milford 10 years is not very good. It boasts a 10 year age statement but comes across like a young craft malt. I take that back, it comes across poorer than a young craft malt. I’d rather have the Penna Dutch Malt than this. The Penna is young, but at least it’s interesting.

Palate, nose, BBF, finish; everything comes across like an unfinished product with young fresh oak, raw grain and a farmy hay-like malt dominating everything. There’s nothing foul, harsh or “gross” about the Milford 10 years, but it’s just not enjoyable.

SCORE: 73/100 (C)

Milford's 10 Years Label

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