Etrog and Rye Cocktail

Etrog Liqueur is a Kosher lemon liqueur from Sukkah HIll Spirits that clocks in just 2% below whiskey level, registering itself as a 76 proof (38%) heavyweight in the category. It’s sweet, it’s all natural and best of all it goes well with whiskey!

One of my favorite drinks in the summer is a glass of lemonade with a shot or two of whiskey mixed in. It’s a drink I’ve experimented with quite a bit over the years and found that high rye bourbons work well, wheated ones not so much (sweet on sweet), young spicy ryes work really well, Irish blends kind of work and so far every Scotch I’ve tried it with has returned a miserable result. So when a sample of the Etrog arrived I got really excited.

I tried it with bourbons, I tried it with ryes, I tried with wheat whiskeys and single malts and my favorite simple mixing of the two came from a young spicy rye; which should be no surprise given the previous paragraph. The sweetness of the Etrog works brilliantly with the spiciness of the rye and ice cools everything down to a nice summer sipping level.

Whether you keep Kosher or not (I don’t FYI) this is a well crafted liqueur that packs a punch. The only thing I wish I had to go with this little concoction are some all natural Bing cocktail cherries. That would have sent this thing over the top!


This sample of Etrog was sent to me by the company. Views and opinions are 100% my own.


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