Moonshine Punch ~ A Labor Of Love

As the end of summer approaches we are greeted with a holiday who's sole purpose is rest. The only labor that should be done this weekend is in the kitchen or behind the bar, so we want to share with you the all-American punch perfect for any Labor Day BBQ. Our favorite Sweet Tea Vodka, Firefly, has recently launched a line of flavored Moonshines, and if we know anything about Firefly it's that they add great flavors while reducing the burn that often goes along with spirits. So grab some moonshine mason jars and a punch bowl and throw together this simple Do-It-Yourself Firefly Punch with any of the flavors of your choice (White Lightning, Apple Pie, Peach, Strawberry, Caramel, Cherry, or Blackberry).

Firefly Punch
-1 jar Firefly White Lightning Moonshine
-2 jars of any flavor of Firefly Moonshine
-2 gallons of your favorite juice(s)
-Fresh fruit
-Mix in pitcher or tub
(Makes 55 6oz Servings)