Moscow Mule

The story behind this classic refreshing cocktail is a great example of synchronicity and people coming together, so what better way to enchoi it than to invite our friends to come together for a summer picnic in the park.

In 1939, a man named John Martin bought Smirnoff Vodka. Vodka was not selling well in the United States at this time, as most people preferred gin. John was discussing his problem with the owner of Cock and Bull tavern in Los Angeles. The owner had a problem of his own; too much ginger beer and no idea what to do with it. The owner’s girlfriend also had a problem; she had inherited a cooper goods business and had an excess of copper mugs. The three of them put their heads together and solved their problems by creating the refreshing Moscow Mule cocktail that we all know today. This is also the drink that first popularized vodka with the general public.

A great mixology story that shows when people combine their assets or talents, wonderful things can happen…like The Choi of Drinking!


Pour 2 oz of vodka into a copper mug, top with ginger beer, add some lime juice, serve and enchoi.