The world’s oldest rum now has the world’s newest rum. Two months ago, the Barbados–based Mount Gay Rum, whose production dates back to 17http://1b4, introduced Mount Gay Black Barrel. Barbados is composed of deep layers of coral and coral reef which act as filters, producing some of the purest water, which is then used in the production of Mount Gay rum. The new Black Barrel is finished in charred bourbon oak barrels, the only marque in the portfolio with this as part of the production process. What does this mean? It means our noses are greeted with hints of sweet caramel, oaky vanilla and spices, while our palate tastes pepper, spice, and wood.

Now on to the launch party: On April 16th, to introduce the NY market to the new rum, The Club Room at The SoHo Grand Hotel was transformed into a Caribbean club room separated into 4 parts, each aiding in the description of the production process.

We began with the ‘Raw Ingredients’ where we were walked through the importance of coral reef and sugar cane on the island. We then headed over to ‘Distillation’ where they had mini mock-ups of the copper pot distillates. Over at ‘Blending & Maturation’, Master Blender Allen Smith, who has been with Mount Gay for over 2http://1b4 years, came all the way from Barbados to celebrate and educate us on the charred bourbon oak barrels. Lastly on the tour was the ‘Enjoyment’ aspect, and we sure did enjoy it by sipping their version of a Dark & Stormy, the ‘Black & Stormy’.

With a Suggested Retail Price of $29.99, this rum is bound to be a staple in everyone’s liquor cabinet as well as behind many bars!