As we continue on from our mug adventure in our exploration of garnishes we again thank our host Joseph of Measure and Stir for hosting this MxMo.

One of the most fantastic and in my opinion expensive effects tiki produces is the smoking drink. It’s always an eye catcher and crowd pleaser, even though it’s terribly simple to do. To make it most impressive though you need to make sure all the little details are in place before you buy dry ice. First you need a larger glass and a smaller one that fits attractively inside it. We use a beer tulip from World Market as well as a stemless champagne glass from the same store. The they fit together like a glove and easily force the smoke up and over in gouts.

Before you start you’ll also need some tongs, a clean hammer and chisel (Or a butter knife in a pinch). You’ll also need to remember your safety, wear gloves and some eye protection as well. Dry ice can kill and burn you. It’s very dangerous to those who don’t respect it. Never touch it with your hands and never put it inside something your going to drink. Instead always put it in another vessel such as we have here. Simply pour your drink into the champagne flute and place some dry ice with tongs in the bottom of the tulip right before your going to serve it. Pour an ounce or two of hot water in the tulip and then slip the champagne flute inside. Make sure your straw stays in the flute and never attempt to tilt or lean the tulip lest you spill some on yourself. If you use some common sense and caution it’s really not so dangerous, but it’s important to be aware.


Dry ice doesn’t last very long so don’t buy it until the night you intend to use it. It won’t keep long even in your freezer. Also don’t seal it in a small tight environment as the gasses will cause that small container to explode as we ourselves were reminded when we sealed a few portions in a clean butter tub.


Recently when working on a food article for the News Aegis we thought to throw in a cocktail. I always though Cosmopolitan’s and their light citrusyness went well with thanksgiving dinner along with their cranberry juice. Then again I also love a bottle of Rose with turkey. Since I’ve never been a big vodka fan I wanted to create a Tiki Cosmo which we did for the article which we’ll link here when it’s put online later this month. For your perusal however here’s the drink now.



Cosmo Calypso


2 oz White Rum (Preferably Brugal or Flor De Cana)

¾ oz Lakewood Pure Cranberry Juice

¼ oz Orange Juice

½ oz Homemade Orgeat

½ oz Senior Orange Curacao

Dash Peychaud’s Bitters

Shake with Ice and Strain up into a small coupe or cocktail glass.


A good drink very light. I like the way the tart pure cranberry balances the sweet homemade orgeat and the bright bold curacao. Still I couldn’t help but seek to play with the rums abit. Create some depth and variation. I also began to think of other fantasies tiki bartenders often conjured forth. It was the space and nuclear age after all. Nearly ever bar had some space themed drink, and what better way to emphasize a space age drink than with brilliant gouts of smoke.

Cosmos Castaway


1 ¾ oz Brugal White Rum

¾ oz Appleton V/X

½ oz Lemon Hart 151

1 oz Lakewood Pure Cranberry Juice

½ oz Orange Juice

¾ oz Homemade Orgeat

¾ oz Orange Curacao

2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

Shake with Ice and strain into a stemless champagne flute before placing into a smoking tulip glass.



This is a deep tart drink with notes of sweet orgeat and curacao. The rums add a lot of body with dryness and very bright with joyous spice notes. Substituting Cruzan 151 for the Lemon Hart produces a lighter drink, though some might find it to astringent or rum heavy. We rather liked it both ways, but the substitution does emphasize just how amazingly different both rums are. Whatever you do though don’t sub Bacardi. Cruzan actually has flavor to it. I personally really liked the Lemon Hart version though so we’ll stick with that.


So you’ve sat with us for round two, but there’s one more bit of Tiki Theatrics we’d still like to cover. After all where there’s smoke….


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