Humbug! After seven years working retail and resturants we’ve seen what this season is really all about and it’s not peace on earth or family. Thats what inspired our playful look at this time of year for Fred Yarm’s renewed reinvigored Mixology Monday.


Early on around mid November when we were mulling our theme I wanted to do a Fernet drink. Fresh pineapple had always complimented it well in my opinion, but it wasn’t until I uncovered some lovely aged Neisson Rhum at an out of state store that I had my final answer. A Christmas Miracle you say? Humbug, and utter nonsense. After all most of my drink ideas come to me during late night liquor store wanderings.

mxmo grinch
After many iterations we hit upon a vital mix. Using abit of the ginger syrup from Jeff Berry’s Remixed and some fresh lime I perfected a blend that spoke to me.
Look What we found under the Tree

This drink is named after the Ghost that truly spoke to scrooge, the one that would regardless put him in the ground. The third and final ghost, Death. Friend’s and family had not scared scrooge into wanting to be a better person. It was the thought of being dead, buried, and forgotten. More so than represent his bitter heart this drink represents his inevitable burial.


The Third Ghost
1 oz Aged Martinique Rhum (Neisson For Example)

¾ oz Cruzan Blackstrap

½ oz Fernet Branca or Leopold

¾ oz Fresh Pineapple Juice

¼ oz Fresh Lime Juice

¼ oz Ginger Syrup

Shake together with ice and strain into a rocks glass over large service ice. Garnish this with mint and a pineapple slice.

For the ginger syrup

Take a 3-4 inch piece of fresh peeled ginger and thinly slice it into a cup of water and a cup of sugar. Bring the mixture to a boil stirring often then reduce the heat and simmer for two minutes before straining and bottling.

Earthy delightful notes from the Martinique rhum add to the sweet burnt character of the blackstrap rum. The herbs and mint of the fernet make a perfect pair with the rhums as the pineapple, lime, and ginger provide a background symphony of tart acidic freshness with a spicy background sweetness. A perfect drink to represent the six feet of dank grave earth Scrooge was eventually covered in, regardless of his acceptance of holiday cheer.

Ah well we all have to go sometime! why not go with a liver full of boozy goodness. We remain your door to Tiki Horror, and hope you’ll join us for more bitter christmas soon.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our “all in good fun” look at this chaotic time of year. When all is said and done we’re more halloween people. Still if your the kind of person who actually likes their family we bid you to hold them close and give charity to others not just one day a year, but each and every one of them.

“Bah Humbug, And You Get Hammered America!” – JFL