Working in bars and writing about liquor for a while now, I've tried my fair share of bourbon. When I was 21, I couldn't handle it. I didn't appreciate the complex taste and the amazing cocktails whiskey could provide.

Now that I'm well into my mid twenties I've been on the search for "my drink". That special cocktail that would be ordered for me by friends before I even arrived places, poured and waiting for you at my favorite bar and just a drink that was synonymous with my name. While I'm still working on this (because I have quite a few favorites) a cocktail made with Four Roses Bourbon, preferably a classic Old Fashion or Manhattan, is a repeat offender on my cocktail list.

I remember the first time I tried Four Roses. I was cocktailing and my bar manager suggested I try some. After one sip I was thrown into bourbon bliss! As a Jameson drinker for so long, I thought whiskey was simple. Something to be consumed in shot form or with a ginger back. Four Roses proved me very wrong. The smooth and fruity notes of the single barrel bourbon were unlike anything I'd tasted before. After that first sip I never looked back.

So while I'm still searching for my signature cocktail, my "Norm!" if you will, I'll enjoy sampling and experiencing all the recipes Four Roses Bourbon has in store for me.

* Photo courtesy of "it's just the booze dancing..."