For those looking for a romantic cocktail to incorporate into Valentine’s Day, there is none more appropriate than the gin-based cocktail called “My Heart Beets for You”.

Available at P41/Coctelarium, this red-hued cocktail is made with Roku gin, beetroot, yuzu lemon, ginger, sugar and patchouli and is filled with earthy tones. These notes combine with the citrus flavors of Japan and are paired with the flavors of the sea, creating a perfect surf and turf experience. The drink is presented in a tipping glass complete with a freshly shucked oyster- a known amorous aperitif- and a dashing of grated wasabi, which brings the flavors of the Earth and sea together.

Located in Hotel Arts Barcelona, P41 is short for “Parallel 41,” which is the latitude where the city of Barcelona is located, the parallel/constant line 41, and the ongoing theme and motif of the bar. The creation “My Heart Beets for You” features ingredients and flavors from Japan, a country that sits on the 41st parallel.

Cocktails have been handcrafted and conceived by the award-winning head mixologist of the hotel, Diego Baud. Coctelarium is a speakeasy-style extension in the annex of P41 and provides Diego Baud and the rest of his creative team of mixologists a space to interact, educate and create unique experiences for drink aficionados.