by Jordan Catapano

Golden Rosé

Special occasions call for special drinks, and a Golden Rosé cocktail is the perfect libation to mark those events you want to remember. Meukow Vanilla Cognac is a smooth and slightly sweet spirit, presented in a beautiful golden bottle. Equally sophisticated is Grand Marnier’s triple orange flavored cognac. When both of these popular liqueurs are combined with a few ounces of sparkling rosé, the result is a complex, well-balanced cocktail that’s ideal for any important affair.

Golden Rosé Cocktail
4 -5 ounces Pommery Champagne Pops Rosé
½ ounce Grand Marnier
½ ounce Meukow Vanilla Cognac

Directions: Add the Grand Marnier and Meukow Vanilla Cognac to a champagne glass. Stir or gently swirl to mix. Holding the champagne glass at a 60° angle to prevent overflow, slowly add the Pommery Champagne Pops Rosé. Garnish with a twist of orange if desired, and serve.