I work at a new bar in Holland MI. Not just new to me, but new to the town. They opened in October 2018. In trying to fine tune the menu, they have come to the fortuitous decision to add Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon to the inventory. I decided to celebrate by pouring up a New York Sour.


Its essentially a generous pour of bourbon, with some simple syrup, and lime juice, all thrown into a shaker of ice. Mix that bad boy up and strain into a double tumbler of ice. Top it off with a nice pour of red wine (i used pinot noir) and an orange peel twist.

The end result is a a pleasant mix somewhere in the middle of bourbon and sangria.

2oz bourbon
2/3 oz simple syrup
egg white (optional, but it adds an amazing texture to the drink!) and shake without ice
Add ice and shake well
pour and top with 1/2oz red wine (pinot noir)
citrus peel twist citrus peel twist