Now that I will be in one place for a few days I can do a proper update. Let's breifly talk about the Distillers we have been to...

New Holland Brewer & Distillers
A very nice production facility. Jill was very helpful and ful of great info. Believe me it will be a full upcome blog entry! 
We did not stop at their store and/or pub. If it reflects their operations we viewed it would be fun, nice and delicious. I'll talk their rums when we do the full blog. Three rums and three distinct flavors.

Northern Latitudes Distillery
Mark and crew just opened in October, and what they have now, even beyond their great white rum is phenomenal. This is a distillery based in quality... It is in everything they do. More on their written blog here when we come back home... Don't miss any of these features, we struck it pretty rich and we have at least two more Distillers to visit/taste.

Great Lakes Distillery
We discovered this one about 3 years ago and were attracted by their vodkas. The cherry vodka is just fabulous. Well their wesite keeps telling us that they will have a rum "soon." So far no such luck. If made they way they have done their whiskey's and vodkas... Excellent!

Mission Table Tasting Rooms
This one was a bit confusing but far from anything bad. They were a bit crowded, we found them without any pre-contact so I really could not get a lot of information. I have some notes and info gathered -- watch for their feature at a later date as well.

So -- your assignment is to visit these sites both online and in person. Please tell them you found then via Rick The Rum Runner!?! I love to hear my name and these hard working distillers like to hear that there is a blog out here ---- Just for them

Rum all around!!!