Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, leaving do’s… if you want to get the whisky lover in your life a whisky related present, you can do so much better than buying just another bottle. While it’s highly likely that the true aficionado will have a stash of their favourite single malts at home, they probably won’t have thought beyond barware and drinks accessories.

That’s where you come in. Why not surprise your whisky connoisseur with a thoughtful gift that’s a bit out of left field? We’ve put together a spirited selection of the best wacky whisky offerings we could find.

Christmas crackers

The season of goodwill is nearly upon us and there’s no shortage of oddball offerings to help celebrate this special time for caring and sharing. How about a boozy advent calendar from The Whisky Shop? Whether your preference is for Irish or Japanese whisky, Scotch or Bourbon, all tastes are catered for. Our favourite has to be the 12 Drams of Christmas. See what they did there?

For those who don’t appreciate the annual tradition of an advent calendar, how about something to hang on the Christmas tree? The Lakes Distillery are offering “a must-have Christmas decoration for grown-ups, giving the festive season some extra spirit.” Get it? Yes, it’s Christmas baubles filled with the good stuff!

And just in case you thought whisky had no place at the festive dinner table, look no further than these Whisky Crackers – pull one and get a 3cl measure of one of Scotland’s finest single malts. Best of all, combine all of the above and what do you get? A Luxury Whisky Advent Cracker! Now there’s something to get ding dong merrily on high about.


Source: Getting Personal

Happy birthdays

Clearly, no birthday is complete with a centrepiece birthday cake. For the ambitious home baker, what better way to add that personal touch than by baking a Double Chocolate Whiskey Cake with Whiskey Ganache, or a Triple Whiskey Cake with Dulche de Leche frosting, or a Chocolate Whiskey Bundt Cake with Whiskey Caramel Sauce? Is your mouth watering yet?

Of course, the cake doesn’t have to contain any alcohol at all, maybe it just needs to look the part. This is where you might need some professional help. Shop around for a creative cake designer and give them your precise instructions on how you want the birthday boy or girl to be wowed by their bespoke whisky birthday cake, then have it delivered on the day: ta-dah!


Source: Cakes By Robin

Distilling the chosen theme yet further, why not serve your birthday cake with a cup of Jack Daniels Coffee or Whisky Tea, or capture the scent of whisky in a candle on the table or in a reed diffuser on the mantelpiece? We could go on…


Novelty garments are always a bit of a risky choice when it comes to gifts unless, that is, you have a clear idea of what the recipient would appreciate or can tune in to their unique sense of humour. With that in mind, how about a limited edition Skyfall Scotch Whisky T-Shirt, “fully licensed and bonded by HMSS”? Or one with the slogan ‘Call Me Old Fashioned’ next to a whisky glass? Or this clever nod to Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle?


Source: Funny Tee Shirts

For the discerning gentlemen, there are many variations on the whisky theme available when it comes to ties, cufflinks, socks, leisurewear and more, so you’re bound to find something to tickle your whisky lover’s taste buds.

More seriously though, many of the best known brands are jumping on the fashion bandwagon in an effort to cash in on the obvious caché of their logo, Jack Daniels and Jameson being prime examples. Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe XXI draws inspiration from their 21-Year-Old Reserva Rum Cask Finish to develop a limited edition menswear collection designed and curated by fashion veteran Josh Peskowitz.

Curios and curiouser

For the whisky fan who has everything, only a totally bonkers present will do. We found these hand made clocks fashioned from staves of reclaimed whisky barrels, and these original whisky lamps – both unarguably quirky features for the home or office.

Perhaps get your hands on one of these vintage novelty decanters in the shape of a lion, wild turkey or leprechaun, or wow your friend with a decanter set designed as a glass skull for a unique and memorable gift.


Source: This Is Why I'm Broke

Finally, if your whisky loving friend has a passion for Game of Thrones, you’re in luck. If not, get them to play the Scotch Whisky Game, a board game where players vie for control of Scotland’s leading whisky houses. Obviously, with a wee dram in hand.