By Gene Fisch, Jr.

My favorite rosé just got a whole new look.

This exclusive debut is just one example of how Winc’s winemaking team is focused on innovation in creating a unique experiences for their consumers.

As a preface, Summer Water stands as one of my favorite Rose' wines. Winc, the producing company, is introducing the celebratory sidekick that deserves a look as the wine innovator incorporates carbonation into its already lovely wine: Summer Water Bubbly! By itself, the Summer Water experience is a refreshing one; the addition of bubbles has just taken it up a notch (five notches)!


Everyone’s favorite pink drink continues to redefine the ‘rosé lifestyle’ with the debut of its bubbly counterpart. Unlike any Summer Water that's been seen (or tasted) before, this spritzy wine is just as crisp and delicious as the original, but with a celebratory twist. Infused with the light-hearted spirit of summertime, Summer Water Bubbly has flavors of watermelon, white peach, candied lemon, and grapefruit that pair swimmingly with oysters, burrata, peach salad, and fish tacos.

The Central Coast Grenache and Syrah blend is refreshing, light and dry, and promises to enhance all your end-of-summer festivities and beyond. And, contrary to many bubbly wines, you don’t need a celebration to pop this bottle because enjoying it is a celebration in itself. Drink chilled with the ones you loveWinc is a modern winery with a direct connection to the consumer, building a portfolio of brands for the next generation of wine drinkers.

After launching in 2011 with a goal to make discovering great wine easy, Winc continues to disrupt the $220BN wine industry. Driven by the vision of a great bottle on every table and a great story in every bottle, Winc seeks to create more custom experiences for its members and bring ease and exploration to the process of buying and enjoying wine. The company’s unrivaled access to consumer insights has helped shape the development of iconic brands like Summer Water, the viral hit embodying the rosé state of mind, and Folly of the Beast, the supremely accessible Pinot Noir of uncompromising quality. In addition to its online subscription service, Winc’s brands are available in progressive restaurants and premium retailers nationwide.

Thumbs up from this reviewer!