Oban 14 Years

Oban 14 Years is the core offering from the Oban distillery which is among the oldest distilleries in Scotland. Erected in 1794 it was the beginning of what would become the city of Oban. Unlike many distilleries that spring up inside of a city, this time the city sprung up around the Distillery.

It’s among the smaller distilleries in Scotland with only two pot stills which they use to make a moderately peated style of whisky that was once a bit more synonymous with the Highlands than it is today, but still far from being uncommon.

Oban 14 Years Review: Details and Tasting Notes

Oban 14 Years Color

In Oban’s Words: Oban 14 Years

“A combination of rich sweetness with a smoky dryness and appetising spice distinguishes this lovingly-matured Highland malt.”

Oban 14 Years price, ABV, age and other details

Region: Highlands, Scotland

Distiller: Oban
Mash Bill: 100% Malted Barley
Cask: ex-Bourbon
Age: 14 Years
ABV: 43%

Price: $60

Oban 14 Years Tasting Notes

Light amber

Apples, cocoa, roasted malt, char, nuts and a bit of sage and Honeynut Cheerios.

Malt, orange candy, spice, apples, toffee, smoke and a bit of pepper and oil.

Medium -> Malt, orchard fruit, citrus and smoke.

Ok balance, medium body and a soft feel.

Oban 14 Years Review – OVERALL

Oban 14 Years Review

I’ve never been overly impressed with Oban 14. It’s always been one of those malts that I get when it’s cheap at a bar, over at a friend’s place or have an after-work-dram with folks in the office because someone always seems to have a bottle, but I’ve never reviewed it… till now.

I try to never fully set my opinion on a whisk(e)y till I get the opportunity to do a proper review at home, aka a controlled environment, and I have the opportunity to fully concentrate on it and it alone… and now I have, so here it is. The aroma of the Oban 14 is rustic and charry but not in a homey kind of way, more bitter. The Palate is citrus and malt driven with a bit of smoky char and the finish is an unremarkable mix of the two. Nothing terrible, but terribly unremarkable.

SCORE: 84/100 (B)

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Oban 14 Review
  • Nose - 83
  • Palate - 85
  • Finish - 84
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 84

Oban 14 Review Summary

Oban 14 is pretty good for a standard release. I’ve never truly been enthralled by it, but I’ve never found a reason to dislike it either. All-in-all… not bad.

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