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The Okanagan valley is a magical place. Often compared as the “California” of Canada. The Valley sits between the 49th and 50th parallel, putting it in the same latitude as the European wine regions of Champagne and Rheingau.


When the Okanagan comes up in conversation, you will surely hear about the BC vineyards (#bcwine). You will hear about the farming and the fruit growers. The winemakers are larger than life here (like most wine regions).

What about the growing class of BC distillers? Have you heard of the small renaissance happening in BC distillation? What if I told you that a Okanagan distillery was the two time “Distillery of the Year” at the prestigious World Spirits Awards? What if I told you that same Okanagan Distillery started under 10 years ago by working with culled fruit?

OKASPIRITS2The New Facility photo credit Jeremy Dycke

Okanagan Spirits is the entrepreneurial endeavor of the Dycke family from Vernon, BC.

Senior Distiller Peter Von Hahn is at the helm and represents the small Canadian distiller in Europe each year. With a stream of medals and a World Class Designation, it is getting harder to not have heard of this incredible brand.








We were invited to the grand opening of the recent expansion of the operation. They multiplied their whisky barrel program by 10x and needed a larger facility to support the continued growth of the liqueurs, and unique spirits.

This is truly a Canadian entrepreneurship story worth spending some time learning about.

Photo Credit Jeremy Dycke Okanagan SpiritsCEO & Co-Owner Tyler Dycke and Philippe Grandbois of justcocktails.org

When I first got a hold of an Okanagan Spirits Liqueur in 2006 I was instantly impressed with the balanced fruit flavour and real colour…. I know it sounds a little crazy, but in a class saturated with heavily sweetened products without colour or with unnatural colours, these just show the fruit.

Sugar is yellow or brown, fruit has colour.[period]

We have showcased many of cocktails that feature this range of spirits; here are just a few of the inspirations;

For Cocktails, simple and complex, we support the entire brand and processes at Okanagan Spirits. They may hold a larger price tag than most but offer the true quality of liqueurs and spirits for the back bar. They are truly world class in every way.

Book a tour, pop in, or get into the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver and experience cocktails throughout the finest restaurants.

Okanagan Spirits, World Class Canadian Distillery in BC Wine Country