Have a hankering for a good bourbon? Look no further than Old Forester 1920.


According to RAVE Reviews, one of the leading consumer review and recommendation sites, Old Forester 1920 beats out every other bourbon thanks to its complex flavor profile and fair price point. At approximately $70, a bottle of Old Forester 1920 stands up nicely to more expensive options.

This liquor is fruity and chocolatey, with notes of coffee and smokey char flavor. Many whiskey and bourbon connoisseurs appreciate that the 115 proof bourbon is great for cocktails or sipping slowly on the rocks, whichever you prefer.

The distillers at Brown-Forman, the makers of Old Forester, say the bourbon's claim to fame is that it is the only Kentucky bourbon to be continuously sold before, during and after Prohibition. This is in part thanks to The Volstead Act of 1920, which only allowed six distillers to continue operations in Kentucky during prohibition. All for "medicinal purposes," of course.

The team of experts at RAVE says they determined the winner by comparing reviews from bartenders, mixologists, and whiskey experts across the internet, and scored each contender on a wide variety of factors, including flavor profile, finish, distillery of origin, ABV, price range and quality of ingredients. In fact, Old Forester 1920 also made Liquor.com's list of "Best High-Roller Bourbon" as well - so you know it's a good one!

If you haven't tried Old Forester 1920 yet, we suggest taking a stab at the classic Bourbon Old Fashioned or, in homage to Old Forester's Kentucky roots, the ever-popular Bourbon Mint Julep. Cheers!