Usually the thought of going back to school makes us cringe. Early mornings, tests and homework, no thanks. But what if you could take a class where all you did was drink and learn about tequila? Yes, please! Enroll in Ortega 120's "Tequila University" and you'll get your (margarita) degree in no time.

Tequila University is an incredibly unique experience. The event sells out weeks ahead of time and the limited amount of seating keeps tequila lovers chomping at the bit to score a spot.

When you arrive, you'll be seated at a family style table with other guests, unless you have a larger group or reserve an entire table for your party. Sitting with other people you don't know actually amps up the fun and allows you to sip spirits with fellow Ortega 120 fans.

Each session of Tequila University highlights a new brand of tequila (mine featured Aguila Real Tequila). It isn't easy to get your tequila on the shelves of Ortega 120, so you know what you're about to sip is going to be good. The tasting is accompanied by fresh chips and guacamole, along with delicious tacos and indulgent dessert. Just enough to keep you from getting drunk but not enough to make you feel like you're going to burst.

After the specific tequila is presented, Ortega 120's owner, Demi Stevens (aka food and cocktail genius) presents different margarita recipes for you to make on your own. You'll leave with a print out of the recipes along with a "History of Tequila Timeline". Get ready to be the know it all of your next happy hour!

Hop over to Ortega 120's website to book your spot at Tequila University.

Ortega 120-1814 South Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277