NY's Best Juleps

The Kentucky Derby is coming up this weekend, which means the prelude to our margarita madness will be sipping juleps. Yes, you can get a classic Mint Julep anywhere, but let’s not forget, we’re BoozeMenus and we’re anything BUT classic.

This weekend, toast to the races with these creative twists on the julep.

Head to The Third Man in Alphabet City for an island-inspired twist on the Derby classic with the Jamaican Julep. This rum-based mint julep incorporates Cynar which adds a lingering bitterness to a refreshing classic.

Luca Mano-Freddo means "Cool-Hand Luke" in Italian and is the name of Joe Campanale's twist on a mint julep. At L'Apicio, he takes a traditional julep cup and muddles mint and cucumber with Velvet Falernum for complexity and spice. The mixture is topped off with dill-infused vodka and garnished with a sprig of mint and cucumber wedge.

At Lower East Side haunt Beauty & Essex, beverage director Peter Kane serves up a his twist on the mint julep, The Bitter Secretariat. Made with Woodford Reserve bourbon, Fernet-Branca, Thomaso's sour mix, mint and ginger beer, this play on the classic is the perfect way to quench your thirst when you are Derby drinking.

Head downtown to The Dead Rabbit for a Julep Á La Thomas. Drink with caution, they use a 100 proof bourbon and throw in a couple dashes of absinthe… let the fun and games begin!

Class it up on Derby Day by stepping into Silver Lining beneath the streets of Tribeca and order up a Prescription Julep.

Let's go Orb!

(Photo Vourtesy of Velo Steve via Compfight cc)