The moon has held sway over life on Earth for all time. I won’t get metaphysical or spiritual (I’m hardly qualified for any of that, although it doesn’t stop most people) about it all, but the physical properties of the moon’s gravitational pull have effected Earth and its inhabitants since the planets were formed. We romanticize the moon and let it fill our imaginations with wonder and mystery.


I’m facing the new year with this sense of wonder, walking with the moon, if you will. For a moon cocktail to pair with this theme we turn to Thomas Waugh, the down to earth cocktail guru from California who made his fame at New York’s Death and Company. He has gone on to open numerous bar programs in the city and lends his signature style to all of his drinks. He likes to remake classics outside the mold and transport the drinker to someplace new. His “Moon Cocktail” is slightly reminiscent of the classic “tuxedo”, with gin and sherry, but is truly something else, with the addition of honey syrup and peach liqueur. It’s nutty, sweet and complex enough to hold your attention transfixed. I’ve altered it very slightly with the substitution of rhubarb for peach, a seasonally delicious flavor this time of year. Here’s to a year full of moments that transfix and transport us. Cheers.

New Moon Cocktail adapted from Thomas Waugh

2 oz Gin

¾ oz Lustau Amontillado Sherry

¼ oz Honey Syrup

¼ oz rhubarb liqueur (Giffard)

Stir with ice and strain into a festive glass. Garnish with a lemon moon.


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