When Solomon Siegel took over his families 40 year old restaurant Pagliacci's few years ago, a renovation was always on the cards. The building has been standing for almost 100 years and there has always been a restaurant in that space. After 4 months of renovations, a new back of house and bar were installed along with major upgrades to all the mechanicals.

One of the biggest upgrades to the bar was the installation of 19 taps, a huge undertaking for a bar that is maybe 8' by 6'. We have 15 wines on tap, 2 draught beers and as of recently 2 cocktails. Our first cocktail is the Blood Orange Negroni, a classic Negroni pulled through a Randall; usually used for dry hopping beer and the like, ours is used to hold rough cut blood oranges for the Negroni to be pulled through. But that's a different article.

The second is the Sparkling Rose Sangria. We are high volume at Pagliacci's, hundreds upon hundreds of people flow through the doors daily to flip the 70 seat restaurant many times over. With this in mind and sangria being a frequently ordered cocktail, we decided to keg it, carbonate it and have it on tap. We luckily had everything set up for mass carbonation of kegs, so adapting it to this recipe was pretty easy. We are now going through close to two 20L kegs a week.

Sparkling Rose Sangria

1.1 L Torres Pisco

1.1 L Aperol

1.8 L Grapefruit Juice

3.8 L Cranberry Juice

1.1 L Champagne Acid (Dave Arnold's Recipe)

2.2 L Silk Road Blood Orange Tea

6.6 L Rose Wine, off sweet with raspberry & strawberry tones (we use Beringer White Zinfandel)

- Batch, carbonate over night. De gas twice and shake vigorously before tapping with classic beer gas.

Glass - Highball

Method - Build and top with a few dashes of Victoria Distillers Ginger Bitters

Garnish - microplaned cinnamon, sweet pickled citrus and berries and mint sprig