PAMA is very exciting spirit to work with. In creating a drink, I always consider both bartenders and customers equally. For the bartender and the spirit producer, it is ease of preparation; so that bartenders will enjoy making it and thus move product.

For the customer and spirit producer, it is all about taste and presentation. This up cocktail or iced drink strives to achieve both. The recipe attempts to target both the cocktail boom and the tropical craze that is capturing all demographics. As a cocktail presentation it is called The PAMAMOUR. "Powerful and Seductive."


As a tall drink it is called The Crimson Fizz. "Fun in the Sun"

Cocktail Recipe: 1 oz. PAMA, 1 oz, 100% Agave Reposado tequila( Sauza 100 Anos),( maybe 3/4 oz, but I love tequila) 3/4 oz. Amaretto Disaronno and add 1 oz, Schweppes Ginger Ale.

Liquors/liqueurs are combined in an iced shaker glass and shaken 15-20 times and strained into a chilled cocktail glass. Add ginger ale and stir lightly and present. You may add a splash of Champagne.

The Crimson Fizz is shaken as well, and strained over fresh cubed ice and topped with Ginger Ale.

PS I am working on the recipe and using Asti Spumante with ginger ale. Need to balance it. OK, It is actually an excuse to spend another night tasting.


Charlie Oat