So before I wrote this post which was going to be the 3rd Part of a story I had been sharing, I came upon an article in PUNCH that covered most of what I was going to say about Rum Fire, and why I think it was so revelatory. So read the "There Is No Rum like Rum Fire" article and you will see what I am referring too, and I would like to add a couple variations / highlights to some of the quotes.

To Kevin Beary, I would offer: "Rum Fire is both a sledgehammer and a scalple"; "The boldness of proof coupled with the depth of flavor, make it powerful in tropical and classically structured drinks"

Not to disagree with Ray Sakover, but I would say "Rum Fire is an enthusiastic foil that shows beauty when properly coaxed"

As a matter of fact, I am sure they both would agree with my variations on their themes and only see the agreeance in our rum fueled, passion-driven family.

I love Alexandra Farringtons visionary mission to revamp the syrupy, and simple with the dry and complex utilizing Rum Fire and I applaud the comedic insight that Marlowe Johnson uses regarding the label: "It just looks like the best kind of trouble"

Nic Hensley, great article! PUNCH thanks for publishing it.

For me, there have been other spirits that spoke profoundly to me, but with questions, rather than answers, and I do love questions, and I do love a variety of spirits, but the light coming on was definitely a Rum Fire.

Until next time my lovelies, I tip my glass your way in salute. Be kind to each other, love boldly, share the goodness and your very best self, your sweetness and possibly a beverage with someone.