For a second year in a row, legendary bartender Gaz Regan is hosting Just One Shift, the charitable event that invites bartenders worldwide to donate all or part of their tips from one shift to a good cause.

This year's event will take place between May 12 and 18 and, once again, will benefit Wine to Water, a non-profit that helps provide clean water to people around the globe (and which was founded by former bartender Doc Hendley).

Gaz vowed to raise $100,000 this year—more than double last year's total of $40,000—which the non-profit claims can help prevent water-borne illness in 100,000 people for a full year.

Need a little more encouragement? Gaz says, "If we meet this year’s goal I will shave my head.”

For more details and to sign up, visit Just One Shift now.