Scotch. I have to admit I wasn't always a fan.Boy oh boy have times changed! I've managed a Scottish restaurant, been to Scotland numerous times and I even married a Scot! How could I not love scotch?! Over the years I've gotten to try many different scotches and have learned so much about them. As time has passed I've become a big fan of scotch .Not to mention bourbon , rye ... Ok lets face it. I love whisky. Or whiskey. However you spell it count me in!

My cocktail Passing Time is a delicious blend of scotch, with some fruit and bitters. I start off with Compass Box Great King Street "Artist's Blend". It's a combination of Lowland Grain Whisky.Northern Highland Single Malt and Speyside Highland Malt. A pretty perfect blend aged in high quality oak. If you are a first time scotch drinker this is a great way to introduce yourself to this wonderful spirit.

I then add some D'arbo black currant syrup. A delicious fruit syrup from Austria. The D'arbo family has been producing syrups since the 1800's using only the highest quality fruits. A little bit tart. a little bit sweet. A whole lot of flavor!

The addition of some fresh lemon and some Crude "Rizzo" bitters really complement the scotch.Crude is a small batch bitters company in North Carolina. Their award winning " Rizzo"bitters are an usual combination of rosemary, grapefruit and black peppercorn. I just love them! A twist of lemon for a bit more zest and there you go!

So when you want to pass some time and are looking fora great cocktail come on in and have a Passing Time! You'll be glad you did! Cheers!3b2b2c5baef3077bb96b0f7080199699105aa601.jpg