Beer cocktails are a growing fancy of many. If things I’ve read are to be believed they are apparently all the rage with people who enjoy barhopping. Still you can’t deny that beer has seen more and more use in cocktails lately. This got me thinking on the first and one of the only beer cocktails I’d ever made called the Hipster’s Hiccup.


It was the first drink I ever made on the Mixoloseum. A chat and blog that used to gather bar bloggers every week to present a drink under a theme. I must say that I owe that chat a lot of gratitude. It really made me a better cocktail maker, and the community is worse for it’s loss. So in honor and memory of it expect me to go back over other drinks I’d made while there. This was one of the better ones, others needed editing like the Haggerty’s Draught did.

Our generous host on the Mixoloseum said of this drink upon review it reminded him of a Tiki champagne cocktail he once had. This lead to me calling it “Hipsters in Hanalei” from time to time. In truth I had to use PBR in the drink because it was the only beer I had in the fridge at the time. We normally buy it in bulk for game nights and all my craft beer and been drunk leaving me only a few cans of hipster folly. It plays well in the cocktail though. Besides what makes one think of a beach vacation more than a can of too cold cheap beer?


Hipsters in Hanalei (Hipster’s Hiccup)


½ oz Lucid Absinthe

½ oz Cinnamon Syrup

½ oz Lemon

3 oz Cold Canned PBR

Shake together absinthe, lemon, and syrup with ice and then strain into a flute stemmed or otherwise. Then top with Pabst Blue Ribbon and stir gently to combine. Garnish with or without a lemon wheel.

It’s slightly anise forward with hints of sweet cinnamon and citrus. Bubbly grainy notes from the PBR and the weakest but mildly evident hop notes provide the backbone. As you drink the herbalness becomes abit more evident and allows some of the cinnamon to aide in the finish. It’s a very light drink but a flavorful one. I think it would be a good one to introduce absinthe to novices, though this is the opinion of someone who’s hopelessly in love with the stuff.

I hope you find this drink as enjoyable as our crew does when we want to jazz up our cheap yet refreshing brews. Until next time…

“You get hammered America!”