Pecan Sticky Buns with Orange and Bourbon Glaze

The easiest thing would have been to make plain-old sticky buns but I wanted to up the ante just a bit. No surprise, I’m sure, that I wanted to try a caramel topping with bourbon; is it bad that I’m SO predictable? But what I really wanted was to add a bit of orange.


I look so forward to this time of year when gorgeous citrus are in the market. I had just picked up some beautiful plump oranges and I thought the combination of these elements sounded good. Want me to be honest? Better than expected. I never add so much booze that it’s really a harsh or evident element; bourbon and rum both just work so well with their inherent sweetness…but it was the orange that made this special. This takes me back to my semi-southern roots (10 years in North Carolina gives me that, right?); something about the pecans and bourbon and orange just felt Southern, y’all.


I expected these rolls to be good but I simply can not understate what might not be obvious. Good? Yes. Great? That too…but more than that.


>> For the recipe, please visit Creative Culinary.