Boo! It’s almost Halloween. Is there any better reason to raise a glass? After Trick-or-treating with the little guys and trying to get them to bed with relatively clean faces and hands, you may want a drink. Or maybe you’ll be attending or hosting a fabulous costume party? Either way, I’ve got a trio of cocktails for you to try.

The Silver Bullet

Wedge of lime
1.5 oz Sorel Liqueur
Squeeze the lime in the bottom of a shot glass and top with Sorel. Sorel is a spicy hibiscus liqueur which is very good all on it’s own as well. I like this at room temperature, but you may prefer to chill the ingredients.


1 oz Tito’s Vodka
1/4 oz Blue Curacao
1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

Mix the vodka and blue curacao in a small mixing glass with ice. Strain and pour into a large shot glass. Drip the Bailey’s into the glass. The Bailey’s looks creepy and this drink is pretty sweet, but be brave. It’s Halloween after all. It’s easier to make a batch of these at once, so gather your friends before you start.

The Evil Eye

2 oz Old Weller Antique Bourbon
1 oz Sweet Vermouth
1 Brandied Cherry

Stir the bourbon and vermouth with ice in a mixing glass. Strain and pour into a stemmed glass. Drop in a brandied cherry.* Yes, I know, this is basically a Manhattan. But the crinkly cherry looks a little creepy, so humor me.

*I made my brandied cherries by soaking dried cherries in brandy for a few days. If you’re in a rush, a few hours should do.

Enjoy your Halloween celebrations and try not to steal too much candy from the kids!