PISCO PUNCH (Button Punch) (Dale DeGroff Variation)

Breakout list 60people

3 Bottles Porton Pisco

3 liters spring water

3 cups sugar (1.5 Demerara, 1.5 white)

1 liter mixed fresh lemon/lime juice

10 whole cloves

15 whole fresh lemons

3 whole fresh oranges

3 ripe pineapples cored and cubed


Remove skin, core and cube the pineapples add the pineapple cubes and the cloves to the Pisco and set aside to marinate.

Oleo-saccharin Preparation

Remove skin only from 15 lemons and 3 oranges using a vegetable peeler; be sure to remove the skin only without the pith. Pound the lemon peels together with 1.5 cups of demerara sugarand 1.5 ciups white sugar. Use a pestle or a muddler to pound the sugar and lemon peels to extract the oils. Leave a minimum of 6 hours and muddle occasionally.

After a minimum of six hours pour in the 3 cups of lemon juice and dissolve the sugar. Add 3 cups of spring water and stir, the mixture is now know as the shrubb. Strain the liquid off the lemon peels, and refrigerate until use

Punch Preparation

Pour the shrub into the punch bowl. Strain the Pisco off the pineapples and add the Pisco to the punch bowl. Add 2 liters water and the pineapple juice (optional if the Pisco is not fully infused) Adjust sweet and sour with fresh lemon/lime juice

NOTE. Might be easier to serve from pitchers as they arrive but if you want to use punch bowls that is fine